Kehilat Chaverim has developed a tradition of conducting Shabbat services as a communal activity. During the early years, Shabbat services were hosted by members who had large enough living rooms, with attendees spreading across sofas, folding chairs, standing and sitting on whatever floor space could be found. The group eventually outgrew the ability to fit in homes, and grew beyond the ability to sit on floors, and rented space in a variety of locations which could accommodate the size and family needs of the members at the time. Throughout, the group has maintained its custom of shared leadership, reading around in a “circle”, though we often couldn’t form a true circle.

Over the years, summer Shabbat services have been frequently held in members’ backyards, and often combined with seasonal celebrations such as Sukkot.

With COVID-19, in 2020, the group continued its tradition of observing Shabbat outdoors, with a Social Justice Shabbat service and a Sukkot Shabbat hosted by members.

For winter, we move to an online format.

Download the Kehilat Chaverim Shabbat Service