Read about Kehilat Chaverim’s unique tradition of Yizkor observance

At Yizkor service during Yom Kippur, Kehilat Chaverim has a beautiful tradition of inviting members to share a personal remembrance of a cherished and loved family member, friend or acquaintance. These readings have been assembled into two published volumes of Fond Remembrances.

Over the years, members have requested copies of our Memorial Service to help them observe burial services at a gravesite or funeral parlor, or Shiva in their homes or other locations. Members have been available to assist in making these observances appropriately solemn and respectful. To make access to these services available to all, we have posted PDFs of several version, as well as an editable version, for anyone who chooses to use all or part of it. These links are found near the bottom of the page.

We fondly recall the memory of our members:

Ronnie Ehrenberg Faulkner
Mimi Goldberg
Alan Goldberg
Ed Wagner
Carole Robbins
Herb Hoffman
Leo Black
Marion Black
Alan Jacobson
Ron Stilwell
Sam Goldberger
Marc Triebwasser
Joseph Wu
Beth Weinstein
Judi Mayer
Ellis Mayer
Ted Simon
Marge Simon
Carol Heimer
Aaron Zolotar
Irwin Gerstein
Beverly Kaplan
James N. Mason
Neal Ossen
Ilse Sheiman
Adele Broitman
Barry Lubin
Stan Walker
Chris Hall
Herb Gerjuoy
John Mascolo
Paul Francis Schroeder
Elliot Ginsberg
David Pels
Jill Mehler
Stephanie Kapper
David Pudlin
Fran Weiner
Robert Vose
James Williams
Marcie Schwartz-Calciano

Below are links to 3 versions, as well as an editable version of the most recent edition.

Download the original memorial service PDF here

Download the 2019 memorial service PDF here

Download the 2023 memorial service PDF here

Download an editable version of the 2023 memorial service