Welcome to the Kehilat Chaverim – where Judaism is celebrated

Kehilat Chaverim means “community of friends.” Comprising about 80 households in Greater Hartford, CT, Kehilat Chaverim was established in 1978 to find new ways to explore and express Jewish identity that is independent of synagogue affiliation. 

Members plan and run all programs as there is no official religious leader. We rent space as needed or meet in members’ homes. Committee participation by at least one adult in each member household is a membership requirement.

Our Guiding Principles:


  • To enable the expression of Jewish identity independent of affiliation with a synagogue.
  • To create a sense of community and extended family.
  • To respect and encourage diverse viewpoints and patterns of Jewish observance and non-observance.
  • To share in the exploration and learning of Jewish identity, tradition, culture, history and celebration