Food in time of need

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Many of us are looking for low-risk ways to shop for food. This page allows you to share your positive experiences with other KC members and support each other during this difficult time. You can write a brief description and share a link to the store, farm stand, business, etc. and leave it in the comment box below.

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  1. Karen Dworski
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    Jillybeans Farmstand Rt.6 Farmington, CT 860-839-5887 Garden Center and variety of foods, curbside pickup, see website for info:

  2. Karen Dworski
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    Clatter Ridge Farm LLC delivers to homes in the Farmington area. Products include locally grown meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bakery goods, and more. See

  3. Karen Dworski
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    Aldi market had united with Instacart and provides both home delivery and curbside pickup. I used the home delivery and was very pleased.

  4. Andrea Igdalsky
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    Stew Leonard Newington curbside pickup
    Andrea Igdalsky

  5. Helene Berlin
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    Due to the reduction in their restaurant and school business, Sardilli Produce & Dairy, a Hartford food distributor, is offering produce, meat, seafood and dairy boxes to the public. It’s like a CSA in that the contents change weekly and there are no substitutions, however there is no commitment (you order and pay online for the coming week only) and the contents of each box are listed on the website so you know what you’re getting. We’ve tried them all, the food is excellent restaurant quality and the curbside pickup is fast and contactless.

  6. Andrea Levy
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    West Hartford Library has a list of grocery stores and delivery options.

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