Our Guiding Principles:


  • To enable the expression of Jewish identity independent of affiliation with a synagogue.
  • To create a sense of community and extended family.
  • To respect and encourage diverse viewpoints and patterns of Jewish observance and non-observance.
  • To share in the exploration and learning of Jewish identity, tradition, culture, history and celebration.
  • To accept and support diverse lifestyles and living arrangements.
  • To work for, support and encourage a peaceful, free and just United States, Israel, and world.
  • To be mutually responsible for the direction of the group.To have equal participation of women and men and to eliminate sexism from all aspects of group activity.
  • To have transliteration and translation of the Hebrew language used during services to enable participation in services regardless of knowledge of Hebrew.
  • To eliminate any financial barriers to participation in Kehilat Chaverim.